Workshop Coaches

Coaches are an integral part of our Novice Workshop experience. They are key to facilitating learning and greatly enhance our novices’ experience at the workshop.

In order to be a coach, you must be an experienced-to-advanced level fister, and you must enjoy working with novices. Coaches are expected to arrive by 11:00 a.m. to assist with setting up the space, which also gives coaches and facilitators an opportunity to discuss the format for the workshop. Coaches are encouraged to play an active part in the workshop, both in the initial Q&A session as well as in the practice session.

The workshop facilitator (the person who leads the discussion) brings but one perspective and viewpoint to the discussion. It is anticipated that Coaches may have differing and divergent experiences, opinions and perspectives and they are encouraged to bring those up for discussion as well.

During the practice session, Coaches are encouraged to act as facilitators, guides and teachers–providing input, guidance, tips and insight on technique. If called upon to do so, Coaches may top or bottom as appropriate. Remember, though, this is not just an opportunity to play. The goal is to usher in a new group of fisters — men who will possess a greater understanding of the art, safety, and technique, who will leave the afternoon with increased confidence and a greater skill set.

Coaches do not pay to attend the workshop, but are asked to arrive early to help with setup, and will receive as a thank you a free pass to Hell Hole.

If you would like to be a coach, CLICK HERE.