Weekend Retreats

FF_LOGO_FINAL_WTEXT_CMYKThe Shockwave Kollektiv produces two annual weekend retreats which benefit Handball Academy, known as Fist Fest™ West and Fist Fest™ East. In addition, it produces up to 2 additional, smaller weekend retreats that appear at various locations that rotate around the United States.

Fist Fest™ West is held annually in June in Palm Springs, California. Fist Fest™ East is held annually in October in Augusta, Georgia. Over the course of these two 3-day weekends, Handball Academy partners with the producers of Fist Fest™ adding an educational component to the weekend of camaraderie and fellowship. In addition to providing educational materials and safer sex supplies for the weekends, the Academy offers workshops on topics such as:

  • Fisting 101: Safer sex practices, tips and considerations;
  • Ask-the-Doctor
  • Spirituality and Fisting
  • Weekends also include 12 Step meetings for those in recovery

For more information on these weekends, please click on the graphic, above.

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